Cindarella Shoe / Glass Shoe with diamond material

Hello guys,
This is my first thread on Blender artists.
For this scene i used cycles render, and textures from CG Textures. The shoe was kinda easy to model (no blueprints used). Tricky parts were the light settings and glossy shaders mixed with the textures. For the light i took planes with emission material. The nodes becomes a bit complicated for me while using texture images and procedural texture like voronoi, and glossy shader. I never used nodes before…:o

Samples for render were set to 30 000 and it tooks 4.5h. :eek: my settings for rendering may have bin of scale??
( i even made one with 50 000 samples / 8h … have no idea… )

Please leave a feedback:D:D:D!

The shape on the shoe looks good, but here are a few helpers on how to proceed.

  • I can clearly see every face of the model. Try to use smooth or/and subdivide to make the shoe a little bit softer.
  • Even if you use textures all around, you can be helped using an HDRI image as background for the lighting.
  • When using HDRI picture or/and more light in the picture (you need a little more), you can reduce the samples to about 1500 I believe without too much noise.

About nodes… I need to know more about your specific problem to help you in that area. Can’t see that you have done anything remotely wrong with it.

Ohh Vielen Dank!

  • The faces on the model: Ya i tried to make a cristalline shoe, this is why i didnt applied the smooth, BUT i tried out! (below a picture).
    Maybe i changed to many things on scene?
  • The HDRI Background: I should start using this, because i never used before.
  • Samples: YES! this picture below uses 1000…and for finnish i will use 1500 for shure!

ok, see what I can do more for you :).

The shoe now look a little like plastic. Don’t know how you did the shader, but the easiest is of course to use the glass shader, which I belive you did. Since you would like to have it more like a crystal shoe, you should then change the IOR to about 2. This link is good if you want to find a specific material:

Post your shader setting if you want more help on that.

It could be ok to take away the smooth, it is just a matter of taste in this case I belive. I think that the decoration on the shoe is nicer now, but it is up to you to select path :).

When rendering, you can always check the box “Progressive”, which means that the complete picture is rendering at once… making it slower but with the advantage that you can interrupt the render when it feels “finished”. There is no exact science in amount of samples, so depending of light, different objects and so on you can get perfect samples already on 500… but in some cases it will be more like 5 000 (dark, foggy scenes for instance).

To use HDRI, goto “world” icon. Select surface “Background”, color “Environment texture” and then select the HDR picture you want to use. There are lot’s of good ones to use here:

…but inspite all I have said, it looks good. You have done a fine job with modelling.

Hello guys!
Im back with some changements on my material settings on the shoese. The diamond material needs too many samples, so i decided after some helpfull advices (Thanks Magic Glow!) to finish it with a glass material. Im not entirely happy with the image. The last few days ive been focussing only on the shoe material, but for any ideas and critics on scene i will be happy for it.
Because its my first rendered scene on blender i choosed something…hehe simple… i will try not to put any other objects or change the textures on the wall and floor if possible.
What do you think? Witch of them looks better?

Unfortunately, I think the walls and floor are the first thing that need to be changed. They are too dark, but not dark enough… and as such they distract the viewer from the actual shoes. The floral pattern doesn’t help either, since it is so detailed. Either darken the background more and draw more lighting over the shoes, or lighten the background. It’s basically a contrast problem… the shoes sort of blend into the backdrop.

Maybe turn on full global illumination in the light paths section of the render panel? It’s usually a good idea to do that in a scene focusing on a glass element.

Also, Cinderella’s shoes have a blueish tint to them. I’d suggest doing that!

Hello Lusterflask, your absolutely right, the deco from the walls distracts the viewer from the shoes. Compared with some cindarella pics from the internet absolutely(=.!!) I wanted to make a more naturally(not to much kitch) dreamy but more obscure cindarella shoes.
I tried out with emission, here the results. (i didnt work much on dat,…

Blue ya! but i see that i need to rethink about everything. :frowning:
Thanks for inputs. :rolleyes: