Cinebench 11.5 results

Thought Id post my Cinebench 11.5 results good way to test the video cards and cpu’s to help figure out future upgrades. post your results if you get time :yes:

I was thinking an AMD Bulldozer cpu and what ever video card kicks the most ass

My CPU result was 2.33

Open GL result was 36.87 no anti aliasing

Wheres the attachment option gone :frowning:

so much for that idea :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your CPU?

I have an i7 2600k @ 4.4GHz and scored a 8.7, just below a Xeon X5570 in the rankings. I’m always surprised by the performance I get out of this super cheap CPU.

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Yeah excellent results with your cpu just shows you the most expensive isn’t always the best option.

The cpu in the computer I built in 08 is an Intel E8400 (dual core) over clocked to 3.8ghz it was the best bang for buck cpu at the time I done my upgrade, I see my $380 (NZ) HIS 4870 video card is only about 10 frames a second slower than the Quadro FX5800

Check out the shocking NZ price for an extra 10fps :eek: