Cinema 4D SE

I just bought and registered Cinema 4D SE from
PC Format. I live in America.

If you are not from the UK, look up a business
on Google from the UK, IE UK Card Shop or whatever,
and just copy their info, postal code, all that good jazz
into the appropriate boxes.

That’s it!

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure there are Laws against that!

That legal stuff aside… is the app any good?

Hybrid scanline/aytracing renderer, DoF, nice materials, real booleans, decent modelling tools, good import facilities etc… It’s certainly worth the price of the mag.


No SUBDs though.

True enough. But, for me, no subd’s is better than no raytracing, no usable booleans, no real displacement mapping (Blender’s “noise” function is a joke and hardly as convenient as real displacement mapping with adjustable parameters that is applied like any other material) etc…

Simply model in an app with subd’s, export and then import into C4D (it has great import facilities).

I love working in Blender (that’s in general - I have alot of problems with it too) but I am quite happy to have C4D around even if it’s “only” V5 SE.


Have you no faith in blender? When Ton read this message, how you think he feel?

Faith? In a product that is at a stand still? From a company that has gone broke twice? You are kidding right?

I don’t have money to throw around, granted, but I have better things to do than continue spending serious time on an application that is most likely going nowhere. Blender is great for what it is but it needs alot of improvement. I mean, look how long it took to get usable booleans. And the renderer, while not having to be a raytracer, needs some work. If NaN somehow starts up again how long will it take before we see a new renderer? And will it be any good? We have no idea what is coming when if at all. I am still using Blender but am spending the majority of my time on other applications now.

How would Ton feel? I don’t know, or care. He offered me a product to use for free and I did. I was also willing to pay for an improved product. But NaN didn’t want my (and many others) money because I wasn’t interested in Publisher. So, NaN went “bye bye”. That ain’t my fault.


Yeah, I bought a PC Format just now as well, and I live in Hungary. The mag isn’t too hmm… cheap here, around twice the usual price of a PC mag but it’s at least got a DVD with a bunch of things.

Cinema 4D looks like it was worth the money. Although it’s not the latest version, it has nice features, features that are missing in Blender. It never hurts to expand one’s toolbox.