Cinema4d HAIR

Have the blender developers taken a look at the Cinema4d hair?
If only the developers could put in a hair sim like that…:rolleyes:
Go to-, and check out the hair stuff under “Products”.

Seen it before, seems though no matter what Blender comes out with Cinema 4D comes out with the same thing but much better. If Cinema was free I’m sure the Blender foundation would be no longer operating.

Though i’m not a fan of the pricing scheme, unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars PER MODULE for additional features you’re stuck with just the plain vanilla version.

well c4ds hair isnt that new. shave and a hair cut has ben with them for a long time. because c4d also have a very good physics and a very good particle system their hair system is very usable.

and that is a commercial product.


I’ve never even heard of Cinema4d until tonight…
I saw the name somewhere, and decided to check it out.

If it only had dynamics(and collision) for static particles, blenders hair simulations would be a lot better.

what about this:

Is this actually getting made?!:eek:
I can’t wait!
Wonder how long it will take before it gets in to Blender.

well lets see what will happen. hair and good particle system are just not some toys to code but rather quite complicated applications.

if you check out the c4D movies for those who do not have access to c4d or maya fur movies you will see that those particle system are extremely powerful, flexible, and just not some poor lines of code.

i mean there are more than one person behind the code who also get paid for it.

Though I’ve never coded in C or C++, I can imagine how hard it is…

Inktvlek: If the new particle system(when it’s done) could do this…
…then I can not wait.

Edit: If Blender could do something like this, it could be like the “spherical” force field, except it would hover where your mouse was.(You could also scale the circle with the mmb, like in weight painting…)

Woah…check this one out, too…
the particles move kind of like rubber, though.

i think for still blender can produce very good results as well, however i think through the videos you cannot question that those pro solutions are quite faster to work with.

the major drawback of blender would be just the lack of doing that for animations. the ball example shows quite well how for example the particle hair perfectly flow around the ball.