Cintematic character introduction, hopefully

Some time ago I had an idea for a character, inspired by the Soviet faction from the Red Alert games. The basic idea is crossing a Tesla-trooper with a poodle…creating the Soviet Tesla Poodle :yes:


So far the STP, as I call it, has a very basic and unfinished form and it is not yet rigged. In about 9 years of experimenting with blender, rigging is still something I can’t do, this could be a problem…

In the meanwhile I happily continued getting fresh ideas in my head: the plan is to make a very short, and hopefully very nice cinematic introduction of the STP character.

Some bits of the scenery I’m working on:

I have several shots roughly worked out in my head, I will work on those and continue from there. The opening shot will be calm, a slow pan along a barbed wire fence, some plucks of grass just in front of the camera, possibly some paratroopers dropping in the distance and some sort of nice background. I will keep the rest a surprise for now.