circle in red-nelb rig? [still unsolved]

today i downloaded red nelb rig and its really fun to play around with that i want to ask whats those those line which look like some curve there i think they have something todo with IK.
they r really useful any tuts on them (i will appreciate some text links cos i cant open vids due to my limited net).

I understand the limited net. We call it dial up . I saw something just now at called spline IK’s Dont know how to use them. seems like the good body rigging tutorials are very big files . Rigging a alien tutorial is 60+ MBs . Anyway they look like spline IKs

no its not dial up u actually didnt get it lol.
its broad band with 1 gb limit for 1 month so vid tuts r killer for my net but cant afford an unlimited broadband too.
i dont think thats spline IK.
Cos i had read bout spline IK and its for body parts like tail which can b really tough to rig.
maybe they r something like IK handles or something like the “empty” option which blender gives when u want to create an IK.

anybody else with better knowledge?



howz that possible.
yeah sorry for posting in same line for 3 times…

I’m trying to figure out what your question is.

no - this rig does not use spline IK
if you turn the bone shapes off/ and turn all the layers on you will get a better understanding of how it is put together

the arms are a simple “stretch to” constraint and the B-bone ease in/out value is what curves the arms
(this is driven by the scale X&Y on the elbow joint)

k i think i get it now but what the the 2d thing below the foot seems very useful i mean the big a ligt blue one.
when i move the body down legs dont below that thats i was looking for ages pls tell me how to do that

the big blue bone - that is the root bone
this will move everything inside the armature

the legs are IK (which is why they don’t move when you grab the body)
look at the mancandy DVD on youtube - it will explain hoe to do this

but anyone without youtube links?