Circular Indents

I’m new to using 3d-modeling, but I’m getting the hang of it pretty well.

I’m having trouble putting circular indents in rectangular planes though… does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

It would be sort of like a hole in the ground or something, if you don’t get what I mean. Like a well, just a cylindrical hole going into an otherwise flat, rectangular ground. Of course, I need them to be much more shallow, but I’d guess the same method would apply.


the easiest way that i have hound is…
make a circle then extrude the parameter without moving it then scale it out so you have a donut type shape all within the same plane, make sense?
they dont have to be far away from each other this is so that your circle is preserved if you later use “subsurf”

now extrude the outer ring the same way as the first (i fine it easer to hit ‘e’ ‘only edges’ then click again rite away so you don’t move the new ring) scale this up a bit bigger.
now zoom out so that the grid forms solid lines (dont worry if you dont get it it will make cense in the next step)

now with the outer ring selected hit Shift+S and select “Selection to grid”
and it should form a square - if you zoomed out enough, and depending on the size of the circle.

dont forget to remove doubles or it could get messy
the first step of making the donut is not necessary for this to work but the triangles that are created after words really mess up the sub serf later on
ie: this set up
makes a smooth sub serf

now the same set up without the second ring at top

hope tis isn’t to confusing

sorry its so long an explanation

Ooooookay. But why cant he just draw a plane, drop a circle on it and then boolean out the circle using intersection?

you could but then you can end up with potentially very messed up triangles that can be hard to work with later

the above mentioned only takes 10 seconds to actually do, im just not very good at explaining it

add a circle from top view, and model it into a hole in the shape you desire, duplicate it in edit mode a few times, from top view, and position the holes in an array, then select a single vertex from the upper edge of one of the holes, position it, and extrude to form a rectangle around your holes ( completing the rectangle by facing the last edge ) then with just the rectangle selected, subdivide it a couple of times, so it has a few more verts. then go into side view, and box select all the verts on the top, which would be the top rim of all the holes, plus the rectangle, then just press shift F to fill. That should give you a flat plane with holes in it. from there just extrude the edges of the rectangle down, and face the bottom.

Okay, lets say you have already made the Square (Be it a landscape or whatever), and you want to make a hole in it:

Select the desired square
A good idea is to add some loop cuts on both sides (To make the hole edges smoother)
If its a rectangular shape, try to make it square, perhaps by SHIFT + S snapping it
Then delete all the inner faces of the hole
Select the inner square (What eventually is going to be transformed into a circle), and consider W -> SUBDIVIDE IT
Then under editing (F9), under mesh tools, select To Sphere -> 100 % (This is in editmode)

And it should work