Circular object - SVG to blender

Hi guys. I’m fairly new to Blender.

I am looking to model a somewhat elaborate table leg. After some tinkering, I figured I could draw the basic outline in Inkscape, import the svg file into blender, and extrude/bevel it. And that works just fine. However, this is supposed to be a round table leg. How would I go about to achieve that?


You haven’t shown us what you want so we’ll have to guess !!
Make the profile and use the Screw modifier to spin it around.

Thanks for your reply. Here is a screenshot. To the left is the imported SVG. To the right, it has been beveled. What I want, however, is for the table leg to be round.

Actually, the screw modifier might be what i’m looking for. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I’ll post again if I turn out to be wrong.

You only want to use the profile so you need to cut your object down the middle and delete half of it.
Ensure the object origin is on the centre line