Circus Maximus (Humster3D Ancient Rome Competition)

I would like to post my quite new 3D artwork done in Blender and Maxwell Render.
I did all by myself. I hope you will like it :slight_smile:

for more details pls visit my portfolio
making of

Also big thanks to Nildar for B-Maxwell plugin!
bigger res:



Really Great one! I love the motion, and overall feeling! Very well done!

Great work, but the crowd on the side is barely recognisable as people in the motion blurred render. I guess that’s largely because of the uniformal color of the people models, there seems to be barely any variation in tones, if any. Only when I saw the wire frame, I realised there were lots of people watching the race. I think that’s a shame.

I am speechless :eek: The render is beautiful, but the wireframe is perfect.

Amazing! This is some serious work. :slight_smile:

That’s damn tough!
how long did it take you?

could you share some pf your process.
sharing such a professional and mind blowing artwork is so valuable.

TOP ROW for sure and 5* for me

Thank you guys so much :slight_smile:
Pieriko when I will be back home after the weekend I will post some modeling, texturing and shading steps. I will try to put here all valuable stuff. Thanks again!

This is a cool image. Nice job.

Steve S

This is incredible

Great work, man!

Cast: Rusell Crow and two black horses.Director/Produced/Edit by ptaszek:)

Amazing image! Great notion of motion, i like a lot!

Nice work!

Best work I’ve ever seen so far, really inspiring!

Looks really great, but the cape could do with a bit of Noise, just a slight shifting of randomly selected verts so it doesn’t look like it’s made of modern materials.

I have to agree with other member that the cape is probably weakest link in this picture, other than that this is really beatiful picture.:slight_smile:

can i ask why you are not using in this project cycles?

That’s insane, 12/10!

Perfect image, flawless render.

Thank you so much! I did not expect you will like it so much. Probably I spent too much time on this image so I don’t love it anymore. Thanks for rly nice feedback and I agree with all criticism. I see it now :)) but I was blind before :slight_smile:
pls go HEREfor more screenshots.

Biggest problem I had was to pose the horses.

Thank you!

the only thing i cant get past is the horses legs, specifically the one on the left, leaning forward, and both legs bowed. personally i think this stance would be unrealistic for a horse that was tripping. Horses feet generally land like this - - - - but your horse would land - - = with both front feet planted firmly on the ground. Such a motion would be very damaging to the horses legs, most likely breaking or fracturing from the pressure of the force for square inch