Cirrus SR22 Plane

Hey Folks,

I am trying to model a realistic Cirrus for a project. I have modeled the fuselage and now have what I think are acceptable surfaces and reflections. I’ve used the traditional box modeling approach over a blueprint. One thing I haven’t had any success in thus far is cutting out doors and windows. I’ve tried Boolean techniques to terrible effect. Any ideas

In the end I’d like:

  • Realistically rendered
  • Set in an environment
  • Bump or normal mapping for rivets and such
  • Partial interior as I only want to to exterior shots
  • Layered materials (I want to have metallic paint 2 tone with matte vinyl graphics)

Please Critique.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m a complete noob so don’t be too harsh on me. Why not use the knife tool to cut an outline of the door on your mesh then delete the faces and extrude in (to make the thickness of the metal)? I don’t know if that’d work but that’s why I, a complete noob, would try. This look super nice by the way. I think what would really make it pop is just extruding in to get small grooves along some of those lines where it looks like metal pieces are connected to one another. Again, I’m just a noob and I’m sorry if this is the worst post you’ve ever read, haha.


nice start. For your doors/window problem, I would say you have to build it. You can model the main fuselage part with the hole for each part fore example. It’s a matter of topology. Maybe some loop cut could be enough to get the right shapes from the whole part, but it can also not be efficient. And if you don’t plan to open the doors, just a high res bump mapping could be great.

One advice : read the great book of witold ( on plane modeling/texturing/rendering in Blender !

keep it up !

Well. I did a combination of both knife and modeling. Seems to work ok. Oddly enough the real aircraft has small panel gaps that are barely discernible but I think I need to make them wider than whats real to make the image “appear” real.

One other issue I am running into is I’d like to have a metallic base material with a different non metallic vinyl material over the top. How is this achieved. I’m assuming an alpha layer of sorts with the graphics on top and transparent area metallic grey.

Excellent work

Thank you so much!

I think it still has a long way to go realism wise. Fun project though.

Something like this. Basically you create your base shader and mix it with the vinyl shader and put the vinyl texture as factor into the mix shader.

Looks great already! Topology is not the best, but it works in the renders.

You’ve already got the outlines for the cutouts, now you just need to select them, bevel them with 3 edges (so with edge selected press [CTRL] + [B] to bevel and mousewheel up to use 3 edges) and then delete the inner edge and (in-)extrude the remaining edges inwards to create the gaps.

Perfect, I’ll try it now