citroen traction: for a change

hi all, there seem to be too many supercars and the likes being done…here’s an attempt at a classic. the traction was widely held as a marvel of automotive design and commercial success…here is the progress so far…i hope to finish it before this evening…wish me luck!

Wow a Traction Avant.
First car with ajustable supspention.
And your model is looking clean AFAIS.
Will you do …Pneumatique (or someting like that)?

pneumatic, as i understand is the kind of tires which have air filled tubes inside them…may i know wht u mean by asking if i will do tht???

awesome car
…awesome model of awesome car =D

and i agree all we see are the newer super sports cars none of the classics

though i plan for my first serious non organic model to be my car a 1959 Ford Galaxie

^senior pic with car

anuraag, shame on you! :wink:
Whoever models and animates an old Citroen should know about the pneumatic of these cars!

The Citroen cars are famous for their ability to upper and lower their back (like the pimped lowrider cars of today) with hydropneumatic.

Nice modeling. Love the car too.

thnx coodle for the link…i actually didnt know tht citroen did tht…:smiley:

Yeah I was @ school so I couldn’t answer.
What I meant was if you (once finished the model) rig the supspention to make it what the traction made it’s name for, a car that can go up and down (make an animation of that).
Sorry ATM not very good at explaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice start, and what a COOL car to do! I love it.
And then you can follow up with a DS and maybe a 2CV…
Love it!

okay…modelling done…a night late than schedule…now on to materials and textures…

Wow, that looks great! Could we have a rear view, please?

very nice. good to see some “real” car models finally :smiley: