Citrus-fruit (specifically lime) seamless peel texture

I’ve looked around for a long time but I simply can’t find any good proper tutorials on how to make a citrus fruit texture. Most of them are old or simply not very good looking, others make use of textures of fruit with seams. This works in some situations, but I try to get rid of as many restrictions as possible when fiddling around with Blender.

So I’ve gotten into the habit of making my own textures. I don’t know if this is what people usually post about… it’s only my second Blender project and second post (I think) about my project. It took me 1 hour.


Node Setup



For pixel textures, especially seamless, I can recommend graph.ical.

But why not procedual in blender?

orange_procedual.blend (1.1 MB) Material from

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omg that node setup haha! I will try that thank you a lot.

Edit: The Graph.ical shows up as a blue banner on the top and empty in the middle (white screen). Is that supposed to happen?

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Yes, press the question mark for the instructions (top right) and look at the examples on github (bottom right). Try it for 1-2 hours and you have it. Here I list some other and an extra tip for graph.ical.

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interesting way to do it using UV instancing

would it be possible to upload sample blend file

not certain how this UV instancing works with 2 images ?

happy bl

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I don’t know how to upload that, but if you copy the nodes and use the texture I put up then you’ll get similar results. Both images are the same, but one of them has blur applied to them and softened shadows.

If you want to mimick this then you can pop it into photoshop and apply gaussian blur, but the blur will cause seams which I had to edit out. I’m sure there’s a node for this though.

what is the limetop UV ?
did you do 2 unwrap or only one ?
did you add seems for the face of the lime ?
and just did a smart unwrap

and why is it call instance ?

happy bl

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I’ve made two UV maps for the same mesh, the first one is for the top of the lime (the one used in the post) the other one is the side of the lime (the black area).

The side of the lime is its own assigned material, it’s going to be a bubbly green/white material for the cells that’s in a lime peel. You can see my next post about that.

I don’t know what “From Instancer” does but it’s a checkbox on the uv map node. It’s a feature of the node that isn’t used here.

It’s messy and I should have just unwrapped it all properly, the unwrapping was more of an afterthought, sorry for the confusion.