City 6

Buildings scattered on surface of torus with AnimationNodes, then render in cycles and heavy paintover in Krita:

Before paintover:

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Great job and nice paintover! \e/
This city is as crazy as beautiful! LOL

That’s gr8! Love it!

Really cool! I loved letting my eyes explore it.

Awesome idea, I love it! The image is very dynamic and energetic. The paintover also adds a lot of life to it. Fantastic work!

nice use of a torus. and I love cities :slight_smile:

the paintover really makes it stand out. Beautiful work. nice light effect coming from the right side too

Very nice job!
Can you show us what you’ve done with AnimationNodes?

i just wonder how many really different buildings had been created for this.
like about 3 of 4? the result is stunning :smiley:

Very cool!!

What kind of camera set-up did you use for the cycles render?

Fantastic rendering and great sun effect!

I am absolutely amazed. This fantastic.

I’d also be interested in knowing how many buildings you actually buildt and how you distributed them this nicely on the torus.

Thanks everybody!
Shumetsua - actually just two :smiley:
mhaywar2 - I used panoramic camera, fisheye Equisolid - just to make things more interesting. And it was good for reinforcing roundness of whole city structure.
Tibi - I have made node setup in Animation Nodes, for scattering objects (or groups of objects), on surface of chosen source object (torus in this case). I gives me ability to randomize loc, rot, scale, flipping in any axis and more. This is old demo how it worked in old version in AnimNodes. Now there is new version of AN, so I had to remake whole setup but I will improve it over time.

Scene setup, and lighting sun&sky on right.

Pretty damned cool and well deserved top row :slight_smile:

This is really cool. I’m also in the process of making a city in blender. Definitely inspiring.

Great idea, awesome paintover! Congrats for top row

You have such a vision for what different styles the buildings can be. I’m confused why you didn’t model them and scatter them instead of painting them in. No doubt it’s tons of creativity but it’s such a huge physical difference in forms and silhouettes on the skyline from render to finished painting that I wonder when it stops being a blender scene and becomes a matte painting or something (just for the sake of curiosity). Regardless of all that, the finished work is catchy at a glance and shows serious creativity; my favorite bits are your use of red-orange lights - very cool choice.

ok just two :smiley:
i just saw the left one building as two because of the two roofs.
amazing result XD
now it needs a big hairless monster, flying around like a big fat baloon… eating this levitating isle towns (how should i call them?)
“Mmmm… donuts.”

went wrong

But this is a great scene!

Thist is so much procedural, that I am shocked…
Fantastic art!!