City Aberon

My czech contest image on theme City.
full version is here

Wow, that’s great! :o
And you’ve just inspired me to make some s-f project in blender. ;]

About your picture, I think that the ship on left (the big one - transporter or something), IMHO it could use some more details and it took me few minutes to understand which way it is going (in direction the estabilshments, yes? - and the thing on the top is engine, right?)

But, again, great job!

wow thats amazing :o i really like it, inspired me too! :smiley: [!] [!]


Nice one , looks like it would fit right in as a scene on a star wars film.

thanks for positive replies :slight_smile: scifi city is my favourite theme…

Mandor(and the thing on the top is engine, right?):yes

Wow, great work. This is exactly what I was envisioning for a game I’m running. Please tell me you don’t mind if I use it? PLZ?