City Block project

Here’s a project ive started working on, just a modern day city block
(Sorry about the attached images mess, im having trouble with them)

This is what i started with.

Added details, updated lighting

Ive started work on building varients, and i plan on creating more accurate roads and sidewalks next.


This may be of some help to you and planing out the scene.

JDA, Thank you. when i began this project i didnt even think about making the layout accurate. And i think im gonna go for a more stylized layout still.

Here’s an update, still working on details.

I also want to add some props on the bare rooftops at the edge of the frame.

its looking really nice :slight_smile: seeing projects like this certainly gives me inspiration to look at things differently :slight_smile:

Looking really good! Can’t wait to see is with textures.

Im rendering in cycles, and im having trouble figuring out how to do wireframe renders. Do you know how?

Also, thanks for the feedback guys. Im still adding details and fixing composition. Hopefully i’ll have a new render by tomorrow, we’ll see.

looking good so far :wink:

Wireframe Renders with Blender Internal Render:

  1. Add a material with following settings: Wire, diffuse: black color, turn specular intensity all the way down, check “Transparency” and down at the Options panel set the Z Offset to around 0.05
  2. Add a second material (standard, light grey or white) -> switch to edit mode and select all (A) and press “Assign” (Material panel)
  3. render with blender internal

Hope that helps!


Here i’ve started the paint over in photoshop (Yes, paint over, hopefully no one is terribly upset about this decision ;)) i plan on layering in details, so stick with me.

Im working my way to the outer, i plan on using much darker colors, so i can have the center almost emit itself from the darkness. Im excited to see how this concept works out.

Each building is taking much longer than i planned, but as long as im happy with the results it doesnt matter. This is my first attempt at a paint over, so i’d love to get some feedback on it.

Excellent work so far~ I’d add more gutter pipes if I was doing it. Just a suggestion :wink:

This is looking really good, please keep on it.

Very nice! I don’t suppose you could share your lighting setup? I’m sure it’s simple, but it just looks leagues better than mine :frowning:

It is pretty good! You just need more steps to make it look beautiful! Maybe you can try some different kind of building style to look it better!