City Blocks

My goal is to make a sandbox game set in the city of Brooklyn, NY. The plot and game play are still at the very beginning stages (in my head).

Right now the game only has a dozen or so models of building facades, and only one car model. These Models are all parented to different types of road sections, that when put together form a modular city block. The modular block has three levels of detail, and there is also a modular “super” block which can be swapped out for nine regular blocks. Check out this video of me duplicating the super block to expand the city here:

The lighting is done by adding a shadow lamp wherever the player goes by using empties attached to each light pole with a near sensor on them that detects the player. When the empty detects the player it also swaps out a section of the road that is baked for a section that can be lit with a dynamic light.

I get pretty bad frame rates with my computer, so everything is very low poly right now, especially the car. I may make higher poly versions of everything later once I get a better computer sometime in the winter. If you play the demo and you get 60 frame per second or over please tell me your computer specs.

You can download the demo here:
Go to file then click download

I’m very interested in what I have to do to improve, so any critiques, even harsh ones are welcome.

I have also done some tests with pedestrians walking around in the city. Sorry about the lag:(

Right now the pedestrians appear at the same spot on every street. In the future I hope to find a way to make their spawning more random.


Thant’s actually pretty good for a city! Right now I’m working on something that’s also set mostly in a city.

What part of Brooklyn are you trying to make?do you live in Brooklyn? Is it 1970s Brooklyn?

Actually it’s a city that I’ve made up (And, of course, have yet to define a proper name). And no I don’t live in brooklyn, I live in California. That’s on the other side of the entire country. :smiley:
And the city is set in something more like a dystopian future. Though many 1940’s styles will play an influence in the design.

I’m trying to do all of Brooklyn. Not in exact detail, but I would like to duplicate the size of Brooklyn and how the buildings look in a general way throughout the area. I don’t live there, but I think the way it looks would make for a good dramatic and scary game. Right now my references come from google maps, mostly stuff from York St, Plymouth St, and Jay St. The game will take place in the present, but the scenery will look very 1950s - 1970s.

Um… I think he was commenting on my city:eek:

Ok, I asked because you mention that you wanted to set it in Brooklyn,and I could take reference photos of neighborhoods I happen to be in. I’m in siggraph at the ATM, but if you want I could see what could be done.

Sure if you want to take some pictures that would be great. I would mostly be interested in closeups of old streetlights, buildings, signs, and intersections. Mainly things that have to do with the roads and how the cars are supposed to behave on them.

Oh! Sorry. I think you were talking to the wrong person :o
Just ignore what I said.

No, no way. I’ve looked at the posts we both made, and it was you who was talking to the wrong person, not the other way around.

I’m sorry but this has been bothering me for weeks, I just can’t ignore what is obvious bs from you. Why would you assume that Niverik2k was asking you about your game, when he mentioned Brooklyn? My game is in Brooklyn, I said it on the first line of my description!

I think you knew that Niverik2k was talking about my game, but you wanted to promote your game on my thread, and decided to do it by answering Niveriks2k’s question like he was asking it to you. Then to get away with your crime you made it seem like I was confused. Well I’m not confused!

I think everyone who looks at all the posts in an objective way can see for themselves, that it was you who was talking to the wrong person.

I’m an easily confused person actually. So it is possible that I may have been talking to the wrong person something or other. Either way, Please forgive me.

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Very nice Geometricity!
True the city is just a grid, but this is a foundation to very large cities!
I like your work a lot! Keep this up!

Thanks for the kind words Torakunsama! I’ve experimented with curved streets that were good off-ramps and freeways and fit within the grid, allowing you to piece it together like a puzzle, which makes me think there can be a lot of variation making a large city quite possible.

I’ve taken a break from this project until I can afford a better computer so I can better test and design a city that has a day and night cycle (which is not possible with the current setup). I also plan on making all new textures. Next time almost every model will have normal and spec maps assigned to them. So yes I do indeed plan on continuing with this.

I know you’ve taken a break, but I lost this post until now, and I offered reference… here are some photos from the internet. New York is like a snowball rolling down a hill, it just picks up new architecture each year, and keeps the old, side by side with the new.


1970s (Make sure to look at the right section)

It looks great, my only issue is my damn GPU , I can only see what is UV mapped…


I think .

Niverik2k - Thank you very much, most of these are going to be useful to me, especially the ones from the 1940s. For some reason I get a very warm feeling whenever I look at them…strange.

Thanks again!:smiley:

BPR - Darn, I forgot all about your gpu.

I hope that frame rate in your screenshot isn’t what most people are getting.:eek:

That is my intel onboard with my dedicated gpu driver disabled… I feel Lucky to get that :wink:

I get full 60 fps!