City Builder / not quite a game

I’ve been playing Fallout 4, and love the settlement builder. So:
-A building / city / settlement creator
-No quests, guns, npc’s etc.
-Load an environment, start building with endless resources.
-Choose from an ever growing library of blocks, separated by styles.
-LIke Flowscape, but the ability to place single walls etc.
-Maybe poseable characters (pick a character, place it, pick a pose).
-Maybe simple flying birds, signs of life.
-A robust screenshot system, like Shadow of War / Mordor
-Made with Unity or Unreal, maybe even published on Steam.

I can do all of the architectural modeling. Perhaps speed tree etc for the landscapes. I’d need a snap together grid system, the programming etc. Split cash earned. Here are a few screens of existing buildings models I’ve made. Thoughts?

Looks really good! Very good models

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Yeah this is totally doable

I already coded it even for the most part.

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I remember this from a while ago. Do you have the ability yet to place a starting piece, and have other blocks snap to it on a horizontal and vertical grid? I see the blocks can be placed, but will they snap to each other based on their origins?