City Building

Hey there,
Just a project i did for an art test ( i don’t know if i will get contracts :slight_smile:
But anyway, it was funny and i had to work clean : 52 000 polys, all quads, all UV unwrapped, 4K textures, naming convention for each mesh and texture files… exported as FBX from Blender and tested in 3DSMAX.

I did a few bonus renders in a city context. For that i use free mini-kit, that you can download for free on their website:

I though it was good to show how the building i did fit into their own kit.

It is 92 meters tall and i tried to keep the proportions realistic (floor height, doors, etc…)
All modeling was made in Blender. I did not use any subdiv for this small project, but a lots of arrays!
Night shot emission textures were made in Photoshop. Rendered in Cycles. Composition in Photoshop using different passes (Mist, Glare, Glossy, …)

Night shot:

Day shot:

The 2D concept for the art test:

Wireframe on AO (Wireframe made with Freestyle in Blender):

If you like that, or even if you don’t :crazy_face: you can follow me on Artstation there :

Cheers !