City Bus- Free Download

Here’s my model of a bus from my hometown, modeled, textured, etc. with all open-source programs. You candownload the model here on Blendswap (complete with texture source files so you can change the bus company, etc) or see some more pictures below.
City Bus by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr
City Bus by HJ Media Studios, on Flickr

Comments & criticism are, as always, very welcome!

That is an awesome bus! Thanks for sharing it with the community!

Wow! That’s pretty amazing.

Wow. I had a thought to do the buses in my city for a (future) project. How long did this take you?

About a week. Two days for modeling, five for texturing and setting up the render.

Wow! I love the lights and colors. This is fantastic …

Another model for me to study and possibly attempt to replicate.

Hats off for the courage not to make this a sports car.:eyebrowlift: (Which make up 4 about 90% of all CG-vehicles and are just such a gruesome clichée; apart from that, modern sports cars look somewhat all the same imho and are mostly real ugly)
No really, it’s always refreshing when someone does a vehicle which ain’t no wanna-be-slick sports car and no (mostly military) helicopter neither.
Also your modeling & texturing look really nice.
greetings, Kologe