City Light | Project by X-Warrior & Nayman

Hi all!

Me and Nayman cooked this up for the 2004 blender conference Art Festival. Some of you might remember the first wip of the this…changed alot since then.

I made all the modelling and texturing and lighting so this image is all MINE, but the link to the video below (which is shown at the conf.) was animated and post processed by Nayman

and the anim here:

-654 680 faces
-2889 objects
-3 spotlights
-reflection on every windows
-about 50min of rendering

-took around 5-6days to render completly (if I remember correctly) Nayman might confirm this soon.
-Trains & ships added By Nayman.
-rendered in multiple pass for composition and effect addition. Nayman might give more info on this soon.

We are both waiting for your comments! :smiley: :smiley:

This is breathtaking. It’s what I imagined the surface of Trantor would look like in the Foundation series. Its just amazing. All the detail and the perfect lighting make it a truly amazing image. Everything has a rusted yet futuristic look that is heightened by the sunset. Flawless in every regard.


P.S. The animation is sweet as well, especially the crane and the train that breath life into this city.

dead sexy!
the lense flare really stood out (in a good way)
varry cool!

Woah! nice job. Did you model all those buildings by hand, or did you use a script?

A SCRIPT? that would be cheating all the way long! Every building are modelled as well as every details! I’m gonna post a “wireframed” version soon. hehe

Tx for all the comments! :smiley:

Just beautiful X-W, I was wonder when you going to finish this now finsh Exodus!! :stuck_out_tongue: and great job Naymban the ship blended nicely, just wish it wasnt so compressed. :frowning:

well what is there to say?

Amazing! :smiley:

This is a true display of Blender’s potential as 3D software!



my only question is how you got the rippling air behind the ship as it takes off…I have some guesses…

Well ya, what is there to say? Looks absolutely beautiful :smiley:

The render could use better AA, nice all around.

No crits for the image.

Going to d/l the vid over night, snap looks sexy!


sweeeeeeeet! really dreamy and awesome looking!

I like it! Great lighting, modeling, animating, sound etc. Nice work! Who modeled the Raven’s Claw (Kyle Katarn’s ship) on the building behind the ship as it takes eff though?

nice still. but i have some comments on the animation. as mentoined before the animation is a bit too compressed. maybe it could be rendered smaller so it stays small. i think that the very bright light at the end is too bright. and i see it could use some osa. ive seen too many beginners edges (could be the compression though).

Lovely stuff, I’ve been waiting to see that.

People… is there really much point criticising that piece of work?

:o Splendid!!! :smiley:

I should curse you for this… IT ISN’T ON CGTALK YET!

  • Bentagon

Anyhoo, figured I should pipe in.

I modeled the main ship, train, background ship, and help X designa bit, but he did the majority of the grunt work. The Jaggies on the ship are due to our lack of time (and some compositing artifacts)

I made up the render, (done in 6 passes with green screen and alpha mattes) and did the post processing in Adobe after FX. Lots of colour correction, subtle lense flares (and not so subtle) plus I did the sound work (quickly for fest deadline) and added the ripple in the Post.

I think X did an amazing job on his City, and I was honoured to take part in the project. BTW all reflections had to be faked due to lack of time, so I faked the ship relfected behind in the glass with an opposite render, then using the clip as a texture, wokred well.


I think he used this:

No, the ripple is an After-FX tool. It aint pure blender, but nothing is pure anything in hollywood. the fact is it was rendered modeled and textured in blender…

A little post pro just helps.