City Loft - Blender Cookie Course - My result

My result from this course on interior modelling.

However, I modeled and textured every single asset/model in this scene, whereas BC’s source files include models from blendswap, etc. The only item not modelled was the plant model, which was downloaded from blendswap, and attibuted to RoomPalmByManuelL

Textures used from cg textures and some I bought from 3doceans.
Rendered in cycles, using blender 2.6.3. Composited in blender 2.6.3 and gimp 2.6.
Main room pass is 2,000. Final image I had to compress due to file size, but hopefully I can put up the final image when I have time.
Thoughts, crits, comments? Thank you to Blender Cookie and this awesome series!!!

Is that the Louvre in the background?
I like it.
But, maybe it’s too much like the one Jonathan ended up with
Maybe you could have changed the location of some things
Personally, I’d love it if my computer was in front of a very big window like that
It’s kinda my dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

The computer could have something in the monitor
Like if the guy who lives there was working on something, and then says: “Wow, this room is awesome, I’m gonna take a photo of it, and upload it to Blender Artists”
Maybe he was working on blender, I don’t know


The thing… the thing you hold to when you go downstairs, I don’t know how it’s called (English is not my native language), can’t be made up all of glass… I imagine if you slip, and desperately hold on to it, the glass would break and could kill you.

Just some things that I looked at but I liked it
No one can deny they wan a room like that :3