city movie

just edited a bit and add a yahoo link

Hello im just finished my short movie trailer project
it made by all in blender and gimp
this project is related width ogre echo plugin
please take a look and joy.

Holy wow. Awesome. Is the music original as well?

I think it sounds similar to music from Halo… especially the drum beats. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, the animation was awesome. Can you upload a version that has better quality; the compression kills the quality.

Very, very, very impressive, your quite a talented architectual artist. Your logo at the start was a quite a bit too long and the main impressive part was all too short, but if it had been 10 minutes it would have been a little too short for that part.

I dont know what quality you did the textures but i wouldn’t mind seeing some blown up stills of that. I didn’t hear the audio, i’m at college right now, so if there was anything important in it then i missed it.

5 stars.

Woah, that was pretty awesome, but I agree that the logo at the beginning was a bit too long. How did you do the tree? It was pretty realistic. Looking forward to the next part…:eyebrowlift:

Nicely done! I just started to use blender and can’t imagine how long something like this would take.

thank you for positive feedback :slight_smile:

the music composed by Bill Brown and this sample [I]from “Lineage II: Chronicle 2: Age of Splendor”

[/I]yes the logo a bit long but it have a symbolic meaning for further story.

Here is the bigger (original) one version 650x350 (26MB) and i edited in my first post too:

the tree leaf made width a simple plane
width alpha channeled leaf picture

at jlane:
I used many other 3d programs before so i have some experiment width common basic technical knowledge, i had follow widht attention for blender’s evolution for a long while and i had learning the unique interface, but recently activated myself as blender bacame very handly and real 3d artist tool :slight_smile: anyway this project take about 2 months for finished.

The hi-res version is so cool. 5-star goodness :slight_smile:

Hi Squareline.

Impresive. Very very cool. I like it. When do you think you will finish the entire project?


very nice !

I watched it before a class and a guy (who couldn’t see the screen) asked if I was watching something to do with Halo, so this is seconded.


Really nice! I agree that the logo was too long though. Also it was made WITH Blender, not by Blender.


Really rocks, congratulations!! :wink:

That was really impressive, great work…only thing at the very beggining it says made “by” blender…shouldnt it be made “with” blender. Makes it sounds like Blender is a person or something.

Thank you for helping :slight_smile: i changed to “width blender”

I dont know when will finished this project , because i would like learning some
basic character animation maybe it take some weeks and than i will back this project and in the end try render in HD quality.

Tree needs a little work, and I can see what the guys were talking about with the logo. It’s more than half the movie!!
Still. Very nice!

thanks, just added the yahoo video link in first post because the old link was broken
and here too.

brillant,… i like the enviroment but not much happens.

here is what i would change:
the logo scene at the start- just a wee bit shorter
the going through the wall- i didnt like that, it reminded me of a game glitch. i would make the heavy stone door fall down or swing open in a dramatic fasion.
nothing happened much- make a bird in the sky, or some leaves blowing here and there.

other than that i like how it looks. but what of the story? i cant guess much of what the finished product will be like based off of what i saw. unless you want it that way… i give it 4 1/2 stars.