City street (pawnshop)

I am trying to make a city street. So far I have a cross intersection with a sidewalk on all 4 sides. I am going to try to put buildings all across it, with a few allys. I am trying to go for a max payne sort of feel, where you in a bad neighborhood, and graffati is all over the place. So far I only have one building, a pawnshop.

Here is a closeup to see the bump.

Hmm… Not a bad start, but I’d try modeling the doors and windows and definantly bevel the buildings and all sharp edges. is this going to be in the game engine?

Those are some massive bricks. o.0

Well, it’s my first attempt at making a building. Maybe I’ll model doors and windows, along with fixing the sharp edges on my next building. there is going to be a lot of buildings, so I might just texture a a rectangle for some of the far ones. No this isn’t going to be in the game engine. I just wanted an animation of going into some allyways. (I havn’t even started to learn the game engine.)

I think they look a normal size.

If this is going to be close up then you’ll want a lot more detailed modelling work.

I think it’s a great start. For the graphitti, use the UV/Image editor texture paint program, airbrush setting, and make a little ‘hood’ sign, like a fancy script “BR!” (for Blender Rules!) and save it. You can then use it a few times as a texture decal on some walls and benches and even cars.

How do I do that?

Good start.
If this building is going to be close to the camera at any point, I’d recommend modelling the doors, windows etc.
If it’s going to be far away in the background then keep it as it is!

Looks good.