City Street Render with Sci-fi elements

Due to having little time and less than a year of experience with Blender (although it’s getting close), I’ve been spending the past three months on this render on and off. The render isn’t exactly how I wanted to envision the story in my head, although it’s time for me to start wrapping it up and focus on trying to tell a clear story with the image. I only used 256 samples on the render, hence the noise.

I’d appreciate some feedback to help me start finishing this piece, whether its something with my modeling or something with composition. I’ll keep in mind of the things I should be able to fix and the things I should start learning for the future.

To give some context, there is an umbrella in the trashcan, and the person holding the umbrella is a human, while the robot walking has some futuristic rain cover that is much more convenient than holding it, hence the umbrella in the trash even though it’s perfectly usable.

Thanks for looking!