City with a river and a bridge


I need to model a part of a city for my project.
This place in particular:

I dont need the far buildings and trees to be very detailed and I have already made the water surface and the sidewalks on the shores, but there is a huge open grass space on one side and I am puzzled on how to get the geometry of it right. I don’t think that there are heightmaps detailed enough for it and using photoreconstruction techniques doesn’t work on grass very well. I might try to use camera tracking and track some points to get basic proportions but that still sounds quite difficult.

Does anyone know any good tutorials or ways how to model this?
I live in the city so I can take (and already did) many photos from almost any angle. I need to model it because I want to have free camera movement over the river later.

does it have to be exact? it would be easy to fake using a displacement modifier.

i agree with modron about displacement and you could use proportional editing to raise the ground where you need it

It isn’t as much about the actual tools that I’m worried, its how to use photos/maps as refference material to create accurate and proportional (but simplified) scenes. I have a lot of photos, but I don’t know how to palce them in 3D space to model after them and check if everything aligns. And if I make a heightmap like grass surface, how do I texture it without streching it on slopes, etc?

if you have a video you can use the camera tracking functions. in addition to a few normal tracking markers to solve your camera motion, use weighted tracks, which are tracks that do not affect the camera solution. these if used abundantly, will create a point cloud-like effect in the 3D window, which should mimic the geometry of your footage.