I’ve been working on a cityscape as I need one for my current project.

Any advice or suggestions are what I’m looking for.

It’s a pain that halos are not reflected in mirrors in Blender, but if you make the blue “thruster flame” of the ships cones attached to the models, then you can render an additional layer with them and add the glow in compositor nodes.

It’s a nice start - not sure what you’re aiming for in terms of the realism / abstract balance.

That is exactly what I’m doing, but it only calculates reflections if the objects are on the same layer. I’m working on a solution to this problem, although I was questioning whether or not I should until someone else mentioned it.

I basically want something that a) looks cool, and b) has some aesthetic familiarity. It doesn’t have to look like specific real world things, but I do want it to look as if it could exist.

I’m thinking the windows look a little plain and over repetitive. Anybody else noticing this?

Please don’t tell me you modeled that by hand. If so, just use suicidator instead.

I’ve played with cityscapes a bit and found that; for long-shots; you’re better off utilising textures rather than geometry for the fine details. Concentrate on developing your skills in materials and textures and you’ll find this a lot easier and faster and the results will be far better. Additionally, variation is key. In real life every building in a city has months, sometimes years of planning and styling in it and this is part of what gives the enthralling richness of a cityscape. You don’t have to commit months to each bulding, but bear in mind the variation is what will bring out the almost organic nature of a city. Study reference photos and list what makes each one stand out to you. You’ll soon come up with excellent ideas to improve your scene.

I know suicidator can generate a city. I did this myself for the learning experience. Plus I want to use it in my movie project, so I can’t really say I did all the modeling myself if “that really cool city in that one part” is generated by suicidator.

Thanks, I will definitely be putting some these ideas into practice.

I should probably start a topic in the WIP thread to post updates to.

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