Ciudad Cubo

Cycles 1k samples.

How cute!

I do think there are too many streets, though. Maybe you could fill in the streets that don’t have pedestrian crossings with buildings?

Really cool! I loved!
How did you modelled the buildings? Each one was made separately or you used some modifier?

yes love this look!

Overall it is great. I just think that the inside of the buildings are quite weird. And there are some chromatic abberation which looks off in the fountain.

Considering the style, I find the intense use of roads consistent with the toy-like theme (which might be an actual construction by a child or something out of a simple online city-building game). Perhaps there could be some bigger blocks among the buildings, but it doesn’t detract from the image in this case.

Good job on the image, really gives the feel of a city on a board, the only critique is that looking at it a second time made me notice that you can visibly see where the board ends, perhaps you can expand the city some more in the direction of the background.

good work I like it ! has a “toy like” feel I find appealing !!!

I like it. It reminds me a little bit on my MicroCity project. The only thing are the windows of the buildings. In some case I think they look like mirrors in other case it looks like there is no glass in the window…