Civil War Era Ironclads

It’s not much, but it’s a start:

You can see, as I created each successive model, I grew less concerned with texturing. This was partly utilitarian, I’m learning as I go and it’s enough to focus on building the model right now, and partly a result of the game format, which uses Quake3 player models, which requires export to Win3D then to Milkshape.

Because of my novice ability, the first three have horrendously high poly-counts for their detail level, which I hope to optimize. I’m posting these for critiques, and also to generate interest in the project. If anyone has experience with Quake3 player models and knows of any techniques or tools with which Blender would help, let me know. If you want to give a hand on the project, it’s in my signature. And good God, if anyone knows anywhere that I can get my hands on some good looking riveted iron texture, please, please, please let me know.

Very nice,

For textures… there are several threads in the Chat forum with link to textures.