Clamp to path with defined position instead of relative path length

Hi there,

I try to realize the following setup

  • a camera moves along the x axis (not linear)
  • a object should move along with the camera along the x axis at exactly the same x pos
    but the z position should be defined by a curve/path
  • the path is generated from data

If I use a driver to bind the camera x pos to the object x pos. Both objects move but get out of sync if
the path get up and down.

Is it possible to bind only the z pos to the path?

As an example I attached a small blender file.

Thanks for all suggestions.



follow_path_problem.blend (446 KB)


I found a solution, by binding the x and z pos of the object to the x pos of the camera.
And then importing the data to the z pos driver graph of the object instead of creating a curve as a 3D object.

For the import I used:

Thanks for all who were interested in the topic