Clank and Captain Qwark

I wanted to start a game character that could introduce me to the subject. I decided to go with Clank from Ratchet and Clank, because that’s one of my favorite ps2 games. (never played the ps3 games.)

One of my references:

Finished texturing. Uses an emit, color, specular, reflection, and normal map.

nice texturing job :slight_smile:

I wish I could texture like that… Nice low poly modeling and nice texture. But you might want to fix those spots on the edges where it kind of fades to black.

Ah, I think I know what you mean. Just smoothing errors.
Anyway, I finished the rigging, and created some shape keys for the eyes.
Pose test:

I’ll try and do some sort of animation test tomorrow.

Wow! really nice job! i like the texturing, but where did you get those textures from?

Thanks guys. I’m glad you like the texturing. It’s my first foray into full character UV maps.

The color, emission, and procedural specular were all painted in photoshop. No outside images were used, apart from the reflection map, which was a stock image.


The procedural specular map was my own idea. I thought of it after playing Ratchet and Clank, actually. It’s a series of light spots projected as an angular map, and mapped using reflection mapping. Then, it alters color using add as it’s mix mode.
I think t helped feign a complex lighting setup much like an HDR image would.

Hahaha. With a simple hue change, Clank becomes… Klunk! :evilgrin:

Wow, really nice job. I wish I could texture like that.

Thanks, mcguinnessdr.

Finished the Animation test. :yes:

very nice work. I play this game sometimes. I usually rent it, but you got him dead on!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Another really really quick test animation.

Okay. Not that I’ve made that model, I’m going to try for Captain Qwark. :slight_smile:

Some References:

Original Design

Ratchet and Clank Future Design

So are you going to make all the characters? At least Ratchet?

Well, if I do end up doing a lot more, I’ll probably save Ratchet for later on, after I’ve gotten some simpler practice at game characters.

Anyway, qwark progress.

according to your reference pic, the grille on the robots chest should occupy the whole chest, not just the bottom. aside from that, awesome job, i am nowhere near as skilled as this.

Yeah. I see that now. Not entirely accurate. If I remember correctly, it’s used for storage, so it would need to be larger.

Anyway, another update:

Working on the high poly. :slight_smile:

you clank is cool. I have a question about normal maps: as you did a mirror at the center of the character dont you have strange stuff at the center seam when apllying normal maps? If not, how did you fix it?

Well, I did originally, but then I just went into photoshop and smoothed everything out manually. (There are still a few artifacts though, such as between his eyes.)

Started basic texturing on Qwark.

arent his arms a bit long? or his hands? awesome job though!