(online 3D editor + model library) adds high quality *.blend exporter

Hi all,

We at have spent the last two months adding very high quality exports to the *.blend file format. You can now take any scene you create in the editor or that you find in our library, and export them to Blender. We support Meshes, Skins, Bones, Materials, Textures, Lights, Cameras, Hierarchies, and a ton of the small features tool – we support more features when exporting to *.blend than we support in FBX. :slight_smile:

Our hope is that this can allow for our library website to be useful in the community outside of just those using the 3D editor.

Try any of these scenes to see how it works (have to pick a scene and then click the “Download > Blender (BETA)” menu item:

You can also export any scene to a *.blend file through our REST API:

Let me know if you find anything that doesn’t work.

Best regards,
Ben Houston
[email protected]

How fast is rendering compared to Blender cycles? If faster. Importing would be nice too.

Good to hear. is a pretty interesting tool.

I don’t like change

Very nice work. It will be interesting to see if there aren’t any creative people that can figure some clever uses of that…!