clarification on rigid body settings

Hi, Its been awhile since I used rigid bodies and I need clarification on something…

There used to be this setting … start deactivated, and there was another one right next to it (forget that one) But they have disappeared in 2.68

-I have a glass window that is suspended in the air… I’ve fractured the window

  • I have another object (set as active) that is animated going thru the window ( it’s animated the entire time)

-my problem is the glass falls to the ground and shatters… I need it to stay suspended until the object flies thru it

-you have 2 boxes dynamic and animated that can be checked and/or keyframed

-Can someone tell me which boxes should be checked for the glass
it defaults to dynamic (thats when it drops immediately to the ground) But do both boxes need to be checked or just one? if I want it to be suspended (deactivated) until impact.

-and do you have to keyframe anything?
-I was using johnathonL’s nice tutorial on shattering glass but it was from 2.66

CRAP! I’m sorry somehow I completely missed the enable deactivated checkbox (which must have moved) It’s now in RB dynamics section… sorry I’ve been staring at this screen to long today