Class of 2011

This was a very short animation I created this last weekend, when I probably should have been more intensely studying for my last exams…

But as of this time, all but a few people who take French in the IB have completed High School in the class of 2011.

Youtube - stereoscopic 3D

Inspired by a combination of BlenderGuru’s grass tutorial and my own random working around with fluid particle systems in blender 2.5

While the project is ‘done’, one of the things I wanted to improve on was trying to get the ‘windy’ grass effect in 2.5. In 2.4 one could use a texture to define the force of a wind system, but I haven’t found a way to do such a thing in 2.5; the best I got was adding a wind force to an empty, with a bit of random adding/subtracting to a given force amount, but it’s too random to look nice for anything beyond subtle grass movement.