Classic kitchen

Hello everyone. This is my latest work.
I made this kithen for furniture catalog.
For rendering i used Cycles.

Links for high resolution images:

WOW. Just amazing!

pretty dang great!
one minor issue, not that its a critique, more curiosity about the cycles rendering: Why are there AA issues in this little part? I am scratching my head as to how this can happen in cycles… any insight?

Hm. Maybe i forget to us Edge Split modifier for this glass shelf. And floor black because i used in render settings Max bounces 5.

Woah! Awesome first post! I love this. it seems a bit too clean and exact or something like that, can’t quite put my hoof on it, but… great images!

P.S. welcome to the forum.

@ Alex Netkachav -

Awesome job you had done! I love every details you had done for the kitchen! What a beautiful work. Funny thing, this year, I happened to make classic kitchen and put my title as your! I never know you had the same title as mine till I show my friend by using type shortcut on search bar,“Classic Kitchen”. I found it has two that has your and mine. I am afraid they would confused which one that belong to your or mine. So, do you have any idea i could change my title? So, they wont confused which one belongs to your or my work on the same title. I had tried to change my title but no way i could change it since I posted it… :frowning:

@ Alex Netkachav -
I finally found thread that answer my question about changing my title. I did it! I changed to “1950’s kitchen”. No confused on the same title now, smile… Again, I love your kitchen layout!