Classic Old Letter

Here is the result of my most recent tutorial.

this is what I got before I did the tutorial (not sure which I like best.)

you can find the first part of the tutorial here.

any comments or critiques on what you think of the renders would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, sorry I haven’t watched the tutorial yet, but I definitely like the smaller image better. There is more contrast and the image isn’t flat like the larger image. I also like the more rounded ink container in the smaller image better. Was the smaller image also done in Blender?

Hey thanks for your comment. Yea i’m kinda leaning towards the smaller one. Yes the smaller one was done in blender, i did that one first, then tried to recreate it during the tutorial the large one was the final result of the tutorial. Really the reason there is more contrast in the smaller one is because I had a bit more time to play around with the postro in gimp.

The results are nice, both of them but I agree that the smaller one is better. I started watching the tutorial and I have to say, please move your mic further from you keyboard on your next one :stuck_out_tongue:

Both of those look really good. Although, I like the smaller one. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it looks more realistic. Or maybe I just like the setting that’s implied because it’s much lighter. Either way those stills are fantastic.

Haha, yea I noticed that too (unfortunately afterwards). I hope to work out some of the bugs with that on the next one.

@Animusic believe it or not the smaller one looked pretty much exactly the same. It was when I edited the final result in gimp that I got the lighter look. Here is how it looked before postro.

(in fact I meant to upload this one, just got the wrong one.)

I think I like the details of the smaller one better (i.e. the ink well, position of the pen) And does it look more gritty, or is that me? Like that better, as well :slight_smile:

Great idea and great picture!