Classic race car

So this is my first serious work with blender. I followed the Porsche 550 car modelling tutorial but I thought I’d like to make something else. So this is where I’ve come.

Any help, comment and criticism will be greatly appreciated!

C’mon guys. Give me even some comments or criticism. Just anything to make it better or correct all the things that seems to be wrong etc.

are you using bluebrints on this project?

I used that blueprint to get the very basic shape of the body. From there on I’ve been making everything up from my mind :wink:

I’ve not gave up with this yet. So here’s some kind of an update. Yes, I’m pretty slow but creating this have been pretty much learning all those mesh editing tools and things and so on. Atm it’s missing the roll car and a seat that I made.

I’m really waiting for the 2.40 version to have that mesh ripper tool. I think it will be a great help doing scoops to this etc.

I also have a pic of an American Racing wheel. I’m going to use it to make rims to this, respecting this era’s racing cars style.

C ya later!

all right. your movin’ right along. it’s lookin good.

just keep working with it and blender will become second nature to you. :smiley:

Looks sort of simple, like a cartoon or a child’s toy, but that’s not necessarily bad. Good work so far!