Classic Sonic 3D physics WIP (Accurate)

Hello people!!!

I’ve been working on a Sonic game prototype, which is basically sonic 3 for the sega genesis/megadrive, but in 3D. The only differences are the WASD camera relative control scheme, and the turning mechanism.

Here’s a short clip showing gameplay:

I wanted to make the game to resemble the old games as closely as possible, so I made my model using actual game sprites as templates, as you can see here:

I also programmed all the physics based off this website
and even took screenshots from an emulator and calculated the scaling accordingly to use the exact same values!!! (Hello OCD)

Some of the features are:

-Camera/Surface relative WASD control scheme

-Support for curved terrain in any direction or angle (that means fully functional loop-de-loops!!!)

-Momentum when landing is conserved, increased or reduced depending on the direction of the fall and the angle of the slope

-The Player can take advantage from terrain and gravity to gain speed, especially when landing on a slope and rolling.

-Falling from walls when running vertically

You can download and play this little game here so you can test it for yourself: (33,8 mb)
I tried to use attachments, but it doesn’t work and it takes ages to upload. This link is also in the Youtube video description.

Controls: space to jump, shift to roll and Q/E to rotate camera.

I will keep updating as I add new features, such as spin dash, balancing, badniks, rings, etc. For the moment, I will focus on the programming while paying little to no attention to visual stuff like level design, models or animations (Should I turn this into a volunteer project?)

Please let me know what you guys think about it, and any advice and/or constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Happy Blending!!!

Link not working? ):

Fixed it, seemed to be a problem with google drive.

Not bad. Reminds me of Sonic Robo 3d Blast, a Sonic Fan Game made a long time ago.

This is amazing! the defo needs more hype. You could develop something really solid with this

…wow… That is amazing o.O
I hope that this project will not die like almost every other nice Blender game…
The Sonic model does look so good but the resolution… can’t it be changed? (because my PC would have the massive horsepower to run this game above 600x400 or whatever the resolution is xD)

Is there a blend file?

Hey guys, sorry for leaving this hanging, my mental health hasn’t been so good lately, and programming this kind of stuff is very messy and frustrating. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to continue this project, but in case I do, I’ll let you guys know

Level editor,please?