Classic yet Homie

a Modern-Classic house proposal project in Singapore
Design by : Yenti Amelia

Render with Cycles with 1500 samples.


Dayum, that’s a nice carpet you got there

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured! :+1:


Wonder how those small windows show that much light inside :slight_smile:
Stunning man, great color balance.

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I was wandering about the light setup as well.
Great image.


For the environment lighting I used only HDRI from PG Skies+ portal light from the windows.
Then I tried to put many artificial light 1 by 1 from foreground to background to make sure every light not overbright.
This is the order how I put it.

  1. Plane light on the elephant decoration
  2. Emission material on hanging lamp in the middle
  3. Floor lamp on the background to give rim light effect on the chair
  4. Emission material on table lamp
  5. and IES light on every ceilling light

That’s all, if you have more question you can DM me via instagram to get fast response @remiaang.

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Thanks! I have replied the setup to @rombout

Apart from some splotches on the ceiling/walls it looks great! Love that carpet being wrinkled and the overal mood of the place. The central table looks sits maybe a bit close to the main seat, but the room looks very cosy. Good job at decorating the place.

You can read more about this work on BlenderNation:

Hi Remitriadi, i am so exciting to find you share your art work and the render is so amazing. And i happend to stuck in lighting problems when i saw you sharing your lighting setup which help me a lot!
Do you have any advice on how to make lighting better and realistic? i have a interior scence without any window. which mean i cannot use HDRI lighitng and it make my scene look really fake…

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Hmm, I’m struggling to with scene that has no natural light. My Advice: if the scene depends on artificial light, whenever you make a spot light in 1 place, dont just put 1. the lighting will look fake because it’s has no rich GI(in this case the shadow on the floor has only single cast shadow from 1 spotlight), try to combine spot+rectangle light with a bit rotation differencies so the soft shadow on the floor look rich. But I found it hard too when it come to the dark scene.

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that sounds good,
And for some ceiling lightings, do you prefer using spotlight or area lighting?
and could you show some examples of “combine spot+rectangle light with a bit rotation differencies” it’s hard to imagine it.