Classroom Interior - Blender Test Scene

Hello there!

I made a scene to test the lighting and rendering in Blender and now I decided to make it available for download. I’ll be very glad if you make your own tests with this scene also with other render engines and if you share your results and tips.
In the scene there are no lights attached - it’s a test scene so you should make your own ligh setup ;). I don’t like the pure white clay renders because it makes the GI too strong and it’s not good for testing lights and that’s why I set up basic materials with correct reflectivity. I don’t have my own textures that I can share but if you do, feel free to texture the scene :).

You can download the scene on my personal website:

Edit: The link is no longer active - you can use this one:

My own test render is here:

It is rendered in Cycles in 2MPx resolution. The Render Time was 1h 33min with my GTX 560. I did some noise reduction in posprocess.