Classroom scene

I have posted alot of scenes lately (because I’m in charge of modeling the environments. Tell me what you think. I’m going to add some book bags, notebooks, papers on the walls and people later.

By the way on graphic all they have some volumetrics builds. Is it working in mine? I dont see any although the look changed when I used it. any settings. It would be helpful.:slight_smile:


looks good; but its a little dark…try cranking up the lights a little :slight_smile:

This is a small update. I am currently setting this picture up for composting and I am going to model some students to put into this frame along with bookbags and notebooks. For some reason I notice if I let it render for to long it becomes…ugly. I dont like it so I may render it out low. Any suggestions? Im planning on doing the following passes: Volumetrics, AO Pass, Reflection Pass (fr the window mirror).


In the Integrator panel, in the Presets dropdown, try changing it to ‘Full Global Illumination’. Usually helps to clear things up. :slight_smile:

This is an update on the classroom scene. I still didn’t composite it yet but it is coming along nicely. I will upload the new one later. what do you think about the lighting?