So this is my latest project and I wanted to share it with you. It honestly didn’t turn out as I wanted to but I should share it anyway here. The final result has been rendered on an I7-3770k at 9500 samples for 35 hours and it still is noisy as hell but I guess I have to deal with it, especially since I didn’t wanted to continue working at it but I would appreciate any honest critic and opinion though, which will help me to improve my future work.

Also, I made a speedart video, I just record my work often to keep myself motivated and sombody might even find it interesting:


it is noisy because you dont have very little direct light in the scene. You could add invisible plane behind camera with some light, also you can easy de-noise render by using render passes and de-noise diffuse indirect pass with plugin called Ms mlmeans c noise 2 for gimp

I just wanted to say that I thought you really did a great job on this. It has a great atmosphere and definitely feels run down as well as used at one time. The only thing that really stood out to me were the five white rods in the middle. It’s difficult to tell exactly what they are and being one of the brightest parts contrasted against one of the darker areas, they become one of the focal points of the image and kind of detract from the atmosphere. One other thing that can help with noise for interior scenes are light portals in the windows:

A Nice one I watched the entire thing. You did a good job.