Clay oven W.I.P (Render problem help !)

Hey guys im doing a small clay oven and with a small 360 animation, after the render finished i press play on the video and it looks very wierd i cant even see the oven , scratches everywhere ! i dont know what i did wrong , i need some help on solving this problem …

ill leave a render picture of the oven and a screenshot of how the video looks when it´s already exported :l


can u post a screen shot of your render settings?

Sure! here it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reply :wink:


Don’t use Avi RAW. This is uncompressed video and is designed as an intermediate format that you later want to use for post processing, not a final render format, so your payback software may have difficulty playing it.

wich one do i use then? i tried like all of them… :S

Among the three most common compression codec H264 should be more manageable and more supported … have you tried to open the video in 'another program?

i would recommend h.264 but, i wouldn’t have thought your render would come out that way even using raw… have you tried playing it with vlc?

Yeah i tried H264 It´s the first one i tried… But still…

i opened it with Quicktime and VLC but it wont work on any