Clay tubes - how to set up manually?

In the official Blender builds and soc builds there is no clay tubes brush available. It was for some time but now it seems like it’s gone so I would just set it up manually but I don’t know how to. Maybe someone can help me out with this?

Ooops I think I just lost my soul to the devil. I was seduced to write in this forum instead of the modeling, sorry :(!

This is so typically Blender. Why isn’t it just one of the defaults? Its one that is used all the time by Z-Brush peeps. So why do Blenderheads have to arse around and set it up manually each time? Can’t it just be a default? They even came up with ‘Clay Strips’ as a work-around for the name in case Pixologic sued them.

Yea that’s a huge problem. Especially with “set as default”. If you set up a Blender revision as your default which doesn’t have the brushes and you start for example a sculpt revision all your brushes are gone cause you use your default blend file without the brushes. I think they need to rethink the whole data stuff a bit it’s too frustrating in my opinion :no:.

(Not always the case but I think you get the idea what the problem is)

Isn’t there a build with the clay strips/tubes brush?

IIRC nobody made it an icon, so yeah, make an icon, it may get into the next beta. :slight_smile: 'dis open sauce, yo!

I see thanks so that’s the reason. Wouldn’t be electiel the perfect guy for this job? He already did the original icons so I guess he could make a new icon which suits the overall style the best.

It wasn’t ported to head because it was made like the day before merge was agreed to be allowed had quite a bit different algorthmic approach, and was buggy at the time.

Only stuff that was tested and reviewed was allowed to be merged.

As to setting it up in head - fairly easy to do, a square texture with a clay brush works fine, just scale the square down (size of square root 2 for the white part is the best length or smaller), and turn on ‘rake’ in the texture settings.

Cool, thanks for explaining! :slight_smile:

F***in’ clay tubes, how do they work!?!?