Claymation props

I’m slowly getting to know SpeedSculpt and am using it for a project I have in mind. I want a hand-made Plasticine look for everything. Here’s a wheel of a monster truck object that I hope to be a main prop of the illustration. I’ll try to up-date the post if I continue with it, as you know sometimes these things never get finished.

it’s very cute. Like the yellow background too. very peppy.

Thanks. Here’s what SpeedSculpt let’s me do. I can take geometry like this and meld it into one piece that can then be sculpted.

Doing the UVs can be a bit difficult, I haven’t yet figured out the optimal way to do those.

This looks really nice, I love the subtle surface detailing that adds to the claymation look. I’m excited to see what else you make for it!

The basic body.

My camera is going to be more like this for this image. I’ve added a lattice deform to add some interest.

Some additions.

Update. A little same same I know

Impressive modeling. You just inspired me to do a Jeep FC.

I like the tires they are smooth, massive and bouncy.