Claymode render in Cycles?

I’m looking to get a crisp, clean claymode render of a model in blender 2.64 with cycles as I have just recently learned blender after having used 3dsmax for around 3 years. It seems to me that setting up a simple claymode scene is much more involved in blender, although I’ve seen it done very well, but I still can’t find an adequate tutorial on how to set things up. The render always comes off not as smooth as I would like or lacking in depth or shadedness of the model. Anyone have any ideas or tips? Thanks.

you have two options:

  1. Override all materials in the scene with a Diffuse shader:
    Go to the Properties Editor, Render tab. Inside of the “Layer” panel, there is a “material_override” option. (The Box with the red icon). Just assign a diffuse material there, and it should work fine. Keep in mind though that this also overrides Mesh Lights. So you need to use Blender Lights or the World Light.

  2. Ambient Occlusion Render
    Enable the AO pass inside of the “Layer” panel (see 1) and render. In the Image Editor header you can then switch from “Combined” to “AO” pass.