Clear cross + hearts

Combined two very first objects I created yesterday: The cross and the heart.

But how could I make these hearts seem more like real clear glass?

If real glass hearts and lights were to be in this arrangement and a picture were to be taken, I don’t think the pic will seem like this - it’s a little weird, like there’s an another less transparent heart within each.

The one above is alpha 0.1 Raymir 0.28, and one below is Raymir 0.

Both Ztransp… please help


You started yesterday, correct?

If so you seem to be getting an understanding of blender very quickly, so well done :wink:

For the glass hearts, the best thing is to render it out with yafray instead of blender internal. Failing that, use Raytransp instead of ztransp and set the IOR to 1.05 or so (which I think is the correct setting for glass)

No doubt if Im wrong someone will tell me :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, you are improving very fast.

Do as [email protected] stated for the Ztrans and also use RayMir for the glass. IOR needs to be 1.52 for glass BTW. You can get all the IOR setting you need from this site here.


Thank you! I’ll try ray transp and IORs…