clear multiple bone weights?

It would be nice if I could select 30 bones in pose mode and be able to just clear all the weights of the bones, not do it one-by-one by clicking a bone in Pose mode, going to Weight paint mode and clicking “Clear” for all 30 of them. Can I do that?

Also, Id like to just select my vertices and assign weight of 1.0 to them, not weight paint that, as it gets really painful when many vertices hide many “inside” vertices. How can I do that?

In the object data panel selecting your mesh, you have a list with all the vertex groups, just clic on the " - " to delete the selected one. This way you’ll be able to delete all the vertex groups then you’ll be able to recreate the weights in the same way as the first time.

Now if you want to assign weights to your vertices without using weight painting, just go in edit mode, select some vertices, in the vertex groups list in object data select the group you want to work with, then chose a weight value from 0 to 1 and clic assign to assign this weight value to your selected vertices.

i think i understand your second answer and thanks for that, but Im not sure what you mean in your first answer, do you mean to delete all the vertex groups? I have like 200 bones. yeah, i could write the names of the bones i want to remove weights from and search and delete their vertex groups, but it would be much more faster to select the bones I want and just click something to delete their weights, dont you think?

Oh sorry, I didn’t think you had so many bones and I thought you wanted to clear all your bone weights.
I misunderstood your problem, now I don’t see how to select several vertex groups but not all of them and clear them.