¿clear track?

hello, I did this ctrl-t to track a camera to an object. Then I cannot remove that binding. If I do alt-t to clear track nothing happens, and the camera keeps tracking the object. Surely I miss something…

please forgive me I didnt do a proper search first. There was a similar thread.

for the record, it seems theres a bug here. alt-t doesnt work, so you have to remove it with f7 and remove constraint.

thanx nf3 – i have the same problem and have yet to come across the thread you mentioned!

This is probably no bug, but it would be logicall to work. So is there any kind of wish-list that is actually read by some of the coders?

There’s no bug, alt-t works if you have originally applied an “old track” type tracking. I don’t know what you’d use the “old track” type option for though.