Click to select object in outliner: should it go back to object mode?

I mean, I don’t know how many feel disoriented by the mode being “stuck” as the current mode, despite selecting another object in the outliner panel. Personally, I find it the most frustrating waste of time across the entire workflow. I keep expecting, intuitively, that the program switches back to a mode that allows me to actually SELECT the clicked object, rather than just highlighting its name in red.

To clarify, imagine you’re posing a character so you’re in pose mode. Once done, imagine you want to rotate a book the character was holding to fit its orientation to the new pose. What I find frustrating: I naturally forget to hit ctrl-tab to get out of pose mode and just click the book object in the outliner. And Blender won’t select the object because I was in pose mode.

Is there a solution, a ready script, an add-on, something to force Blender to switch back to object mode automatically, upon selecting an object in the outliner? Cos I see no reason why it should be useful to keep it in the current mode when the act of selecting another object should clearly mean the user’s intention IS that of switching to object mode and control that other object.

Not meant as a rant, but… it’s been a year I’ve been using Blender and I still can’t wrap my mind around the concept that before operating on another object I have to revert to object mode or it will IGNORE the act of selecting it.

edit: forgot the outliner was callef outliner, not profiler… sorry.

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Uncheck this


It was… THAT simple?
I’m sorry, I need a certified cretin diploma for myself…

Let just say 3D is demanding, BTW welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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thanks! You’ve got a nice and active community here, and a pretty sophisticated forum software, I see.

2 cents 'bout me: I’m Italian by nationality, but fluent in English. Been a developer in the past, now feeling more artsy. I’m working at a weird webcomic, still luckily unpublished, in which I create panels by rendering them in Eevee, then applying artistic postprocessing in Photoshop.

And after a year of fiddling with modeling, shading, rigging, posing, chromakeys, layerization and all, I ended up thinking piloting a Space Shuttle during reentry might be just slightly easier than doing what I’m trying to do. :confused:

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Sounds like fun, always remember to enjoy the journey :slight_smile:

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Here’s an unrequested sample of what it looks like, hoping it’s not considered inappropriate, I’m doing this in good faith to satisfy possible curiosity. And yeah she’s a furry, which probably makes matters worse. If inappropriate, apologies in advance. I’ll probably shush now…

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looking good :+1: i would not mind to see more :slight_smile:

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Well, guess I’ll better start a topic where one such topic’s expected, then, but here’s another one from the same sequence: the story is set in 2199 and revolves around a couple main characters, this “kitty”, named One-Four, and his “companion”, an overgrown H-type (human) girl named Lena. They live in a mental health facility where she was confined after flipping out, and he was “hired” to help Lena as a sort of therapy cat, despite having been human before dying and getting his head cryopreserved (same as joining the Alcor foundation today). Now he’s got the problem that Lena, while often caring for him, also tends to mistreat him. Apart from the backstory, the whole thing has a sitcom-like feeling, with sparse melancholic moments. It includes casual nudity, albeit self-censored, and would target an adult audience, or possibly just no one. :blush:

I blame 2020 for the extra free time.
Blame the year, not me…