Cliffside pond

After banging my head on the keyboard playing with geometry nodes in Alpha, I decided to attempt to sculpt a cliff face. Then I built a scene around it, reminiscent of some great fishing holes I used to visit. Here’s a very low sampled and completely raw render.

The cliff looked better in sculpt mode from front on, rather than at the severe glancing angle I chose to render the scene. I will need to scrap that one and try again.

My plan for the foreground trees on the left was more willow-like, leaning and draping over the water’s edge. So these three are placeholders until I get that right. Whatever goes there, it needs a bright color (thus the choice of these pink flowers) – more green will just get lost.
The clouds are also temporary. I just grabbed them from another scene.

I think that I want some morning mist coming off the water. Just a little. Working out how best to do that (working with thin, non-homogeneous volumetrics is … slow).

I like the color transitions, reflections, and overall composition. Looking forward to working on this over the next few evenings.


Made a little progress this evening. Swapped out the cliffs and clouds, removed a background tree that wasn’t disabled in the render view, added a first pass at the mist, and went a little overboard with the glare.

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Today I worked on various methods to create the cliffs. Here’s one that has promise, although it’ll have to be a little different to fit in this scene properly.

I went a little too far when decimating the rocks, so they’re a bit pointier than they should be. The shader also needs work. But I liked it enough to drop it in some water and stick some clouds in the sky for a quick render (so forgive the noise and fireflies) :).